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Ship Husbandry General Services

Enviro Clean Marine offers emergency services and repair work to shipping agencies and owners. This service is available 24 hours a day 7 days a week.

When damage to any vessel occurs, TIME IS CRITICAL. Therefore, prompt and professional support is absolutely vital for getting vessels operational as quickly as possible.

Enviro Clean Marine vessel services include, but not limited to:

  • CCTV surveys
  • Photographic surveys
  • Hull cleaning
  • Ship repair
  • Prop polishing

    UWILD & In-Water Survey

    CCTV Surveys & Photographic surveys offered by Enviro Clean Marine include, but are not limited to:

    • Class surveys, LR, ABS, BV approved
    • Assessing damage
    • Change of ownership
    • Assessment of anti-fouling paint systems
    • General inspections of hulls, plating, welding, water intakes, propellers, rudders, thrusters and bilge keels
    • Assessment of general hull condition and/or damage for classification society approval
    • UT readings
    • Plate thickness
    • Tail shaft and pintle readings

    Hull Cleaning Services

    Enviro Clean Marine’s environmentally sensitive hull cleaning system enables hulls to be cleaned without the need to dry-dock the vessel and enhancing the vessel’s performance by reducing fuel costs and engine wear.

    Operating from New Orleans, Louisiana to Corpus Christi, Texas we offer year round Hull cleaning.

    Benefits of EC Marine hull cleaning:

    • Environmentally sensitive
    • No dry-dock required
    • Quick and efficient port turnaround
    • Sensitive to hull coating
    • Improved vessel fuel consumption
    • Reduced stress on engines and ancillary gear
    • Year round cleaning
    • On site agents
    • In-water inspections & repairs

      Propeller Polishing

      Enviro Clean Marine provides high quality underwater propeller polishing, in multiple ports across the US gulf coast achieving immediate and effective reduction of fuel consumption and reduces the total cost of the ship. Propellers convert mechanical energy to the propeller shaft to thrust energy in the water.

      The underwater propeller cleaning (multi-stage micro polishing of all surfaces) and the maintenance of the smooth surfaces, is vital in order to save energy and optimize the performance of the ship (improvement of vessel’s performance). The rough propeller leads to power loss, which can be up to 6% as well as an increase of fuel consumption.

      The propeller blades function as a spoiler. The development of thrust that they generate is a result of flow around the blade. As the propeller turns the blades generate a pressure difference in the water, pushing the ship forward or backwards, depending on the way that the propeller turns, as well as the pitch of the blades. There are fixed pitch propellers and variable pitch propellers.
      An important problem in shipping is the increase of roughness to the ship’s propeller, as the fuel consumption and the emission of gaseous pollutants in the environment is increased and significant losses are caused to the propulsion system.



      Ship Repair Services

      Enviro Clean Marine has decades of Emergency Ship repair experiance, with dive teams on call 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

      Utilizing properly trained and insured personnel following Coast Guard, OSHA and ADC Standards.

      We can fabricate custom cofferdams to accommodate any size or shape necessary as required.

      We provide the following repair services on a routine basis:

      • Cofferdam installations
      • Permanent hull & rudder repairs
      • In water valve replacement
      • Eco sounder & speed log replacementh
      • Stern seal repairs
      • Propeller cropping & edge modifications


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